Our first hostel is at quaint village named Pedong, located in the mountains of Kalimpong, West Bengal. Our hostel is surrounded by stretches of undulating hills and greenery with the panoramic grandeur of the Himalayan peaks. It is developed with the intention to promote the enormous tourism resources and to encapsulate the spirit of the area. One can just stroll or drive around or take a hike. Guests can relax and soak up the sun and watch the little ones make new friends at our hotel. We try to be an ideal company by upholding the values and fulfill the commitment to the customers. 

One can take a direct cab from Bagdogra airport (Siliguri) to Pedong. Or take a share-pool cab to Kalimpong, and then change for Pedong. Both mode of transport will take an average of 3 hours.    


Beauty is often cursed.. ! Most beautiful places in our country suffer through adverse effects of unchecked tourism. From carbon footprints to excessive pollution Mountains are the worst affected demography. Lack of opportunities with just seasonal income with tourism, lack of infrastructure or access are end results of such disorganized and unchecked tourism. We want to be wheelers (drivers) of change. While we do want our travellers to have an authentic and enriching traveling experience. We don't want the culture and environment of the location to be depleted for tourism sake. Thus, we are also trying to work on sustainable tourism while creating more opportunities for the local communities.


There are about 1.2 billion people with physical difficulties worldwide and of which 80 million people in India. Its an well established fact that there are no major players in the tourism industry which solely focuses on economic accessible and inclusive accommodation. So we thought why not? Let's at least try providing services which will make it easier for physically disabled guests to travel without worrying about an accomodation 's ability to host them.

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